Meet Amanda Rome West

Amanda Rome West has one of the most unique voices of her generation, not only in her music, but also in her entertaining personality.
— Parental Guidance, snapchat television program

Amanda Rome West at her sold-out show at The Dime, November 2018.


About the Artist

A performer by nature, Amanda Rome West is a rapper, songwriter, executive producer of all her content, and reality TV/social media personality. As a USC Business Cinematic Arts honor student and female entrepreneur, she runs her business, as well. Pioneering the world of running the female rap game at the young age of 21, she is already selling out shows and taking names. Hailing from Bethesda, Maryland, she has been killing it in Los Angeles, the entertainment industry capital of the world. She just dropped her 18-song debut album When in Rome, which she and her team made in less than a month, sometimes working until 5 AM after school to get it done… She just performs at lots of prominent LA and DMV-area venues, such as the Dime, 1221 Lounge, and Songbyrd, often selling out already. She designs and hand-picks her own merchandise, which you can purchase under the “Merchandise” tab. She is always creating new music, content, and ideas. She stars in the most-streamed episode of the Snapchat show Parental Guidance (Episode #3: “I Love Being Naked”) by BROTHER, and makes widely-viewed viral social media music videos, photos, and videos daily.

She advocates for many causes, especially feminism, acceptance of all people, body positivity, LGBTQ+ community rights, and anti-bullying. Email for collaboration or performance inquiries/bookings.